Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Etsy-versary!

3 years ago today, on May 30th, 2008, I created an Etsy account, and opened up my shop.
That means that today is my 3 year Etsy-versary! (and this is the first year I've thought to "celebrate" it!)

The funny thing is, it is 2 weeks before my wedding anniversary (5 years), which is 2 weeks before my birthday, which is 2 weeks before my husband's birthday!

I really wish I'd thought enough ahead to do plan really cool here on the blog, but I didn't. I have this feeling that I should do a giveaway, but I have had a personal goal for a few months of hitting 200 fans on my Facebook page before I do my next giveaway. (I have 188 fans at the time I'm writing this, so there's not too much further to go!) So if you'd like me to do a giveaway...go to my Facebook page and click that "like" button!

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