Monday, May 2, 2011

Kitty Ears!

Yes...I have kitty ears...

I was given some kitty ear hair clips by one of my friends at Mayday Underground. They make me feel very anime. (where were these when I was at UB Con?) I don't think she's selling them in her shop yet, but my friend's Etsy shop is My Kitty Empire. She does a lot of art and photography. Her sister was the one who made the clips.

These kind of clips tend to not want to hold my thick hair, so I clipped them to my headband. You can find clips like the feather clip shown at my other friend's Etsy shop, Peaches Products.

They were a hit at church. (I came to church straight from Mayday. I forgot I still had the ears on until one of the little girls asked why I was wearing kitty ears!) I put them on my friend's daughter and took a picture. I think all the little girls at church want a pair now! Later, we all went to get ice cream after church, and I put them on another friend's little one-year-old girl. I wish I'd taken a picture of her, because she looked so adorable! I took them off of her when we left. I had forgotten some sweaters they were giving me, so they drove by the house on their way home. As my friend was handing me the sweaters, their little girl was in the back seat, screaming that she wanted her ears! LOL! I may just have to make her some.

Oh...These would be PERFECT as party favors for a little girl's kitty-themed birthday party!


mentalmulch said...

Oh I like the kitty ears! The little girl in the last photo is sooooo cute!

Kira said...

You should have seen the one-year-old! She was super-cute! And she was asking for one of our friends to share his ice cream cone with her, saying "bite please?" (after her parents had been sharing theirs with her). She looked like a little kitty begging for ice cream!

I really wish I'd taken a picture of her!