Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visiting Grandma: Part 3 (Stained Glass Window)

I spent Tuesday night at Grandma's house and on Wednesday I went with Grandma and her friend Sybil to a luncheon a local Methodist church was having as a fundraiser. Grandma and Sybil had been planning on going, I just kind of tagged along. There were a ton of people there and they actually had to have people wait in the sanctuary until their ticket number was called! While we were waiting, I became mesmerized by the large central stained glass window and passed the time until our numbers were called by taking pictures of it and playing with the settings on my digital camera.

The colors were so gorgeous...

Although not as impressive as the main central window, I enjoyed taking photos of the side windows as well.

I took this shot, but then decided to play with the camera settings...

I took the picture above after messing with the white balance and exposure settings. I like it better than the shot before it. It has a more moody, peaceful feeling to it. I think it would make a nice print.

Grandma and Sybil waiting for lunch...

Grandma and Sybil after lunch in front of a flowering crab apple tree.

Grandma and I in front of the tree. (It was sunny and Sybil was having a hard time seeing the view that's why our heads are a bit cut of at the top!)

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