Sunday, May 1, 2011

NYS Youth Librarians' Conference

Friday morning, I drove into Rochester in the morning for a small craft show at the NYS Youth Librarians' convention. The organizer of the event contacted RNEST about having some of our artists sell out wares there. We had 2 tables that 4 of us shared. There was me, The Quilted House, A Different View, and Aimee's Creations.

I was a bit nervous about doing a show the day before Mayday Underground, but it turned out fine. I sold a decent amount, but not enough to substantially decrease my stock.

We were in the lobby of a hotel. There was lots of down time in between the librarians' seminars, but I had a lot of fun talking with my fellow crafters. And in the times between the seminars, we were swamped! Librarians everywhere! But I love librarians! (I was a "library helper" when I as in middle school. I "worked" in the school library desk during my study hall).

And that night, my mom and I washed bottlecaps and made bottlecap magnets while watching a recap special for the Royal Wedding. (fun fact...I was born on the same day as Prince William!)

I've obtained quite a few bottlecaps recently, from friends and a couple generous businesses that had some lying around. It's nice to get a variety of bottlecaps.

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