Monday, May 16, 2011

Lilac Festival 2011: Part 2 (Magnolias)

Highland Park doesn't just have lilac bushes. There are a lot of other plants and trees there too. And there are some beautiful magnolia trees there that are in bloom at the same time of year that the lilacs are.

I love how the ground beneath the tree was carpeted with petals! When the wind would blow, a new batch of petals would come fluttering to the ground. It was so gorgeous! Moments like that remind me of the movies!

I LOVE this photo I took (above), but I need to take it into Photoshop and edit out that stupid yellow rope! They had that section roped off from some reason. Our theory was that it was to prevent children from trampling the plants that bordered the path.

I love magnolia trees! I'd love to have one in my yard!

*Next post: "Lilac Festival: Part 3 (Cherry Blossoms)"

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Melissa said...

I <3 magnolia trees. They are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait till ours blooms again next year <3