Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visiting Grandma: Part 1 (Grandma's Birthday)

My Grandma's 86th birthday was this past Tuesday, and I had decided that I'd go visit her. We went out to lunch with the "Tuesday Girls", Grandma's friends that she's known since high school. They used to meet every Tuesday when they were younger, but now they meet one Tuesday a month.

I bought these earrings for her at the Lilac Festival. They are pressed Forget-Me-Nots, one of Grandma's favorite flowers. Grandma doesn't have pierced ears and wears clip-ons. The earrings I got originally were for pierced ears, but the lady was kind enough to change them! She just switched the charm onto clip-ons for me right when I bought them!

I also made her some Raspberry-Rosemary syrup and some sugar cookies that look like buttons.
I got the "Button Cookie" idea from this site (the cookies on the site there are peanut butter cookies, but I didn't have enough peanut butter). I wanted to do this idea of stringing a ribbon through the holes for the presentation, but wasn't sure if I could do it without the cookies breaking. But the jelly canning jar presentation was cute enough.

And Mom sent Grandma's presents with me to give her, which included this small bouquet of flowers (Forget-Me-Nots, Lilies of the Valley, and Lilacs) from Mom's garden.

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