Monday, May 16, 2011

Lilac Festival 2011: Part 3 (Cherry Blossoms)

In addition to the pretty flowering trees we found in Highland Park on Saturday, was the Flowering Cherry Tree. From far away, at the bottom of a hill, I thought it was another magnolia, but when we got closer, we realized it was something else. Mom and I didn't even know what kind of tree it was at first (although I guessed Cherry Tree!). We even had a man ask us what kind of tree it was while I was taking pictures. The tree I was taking pictures of only had the scientific name, but the tree next to it had a sign with its common name.

(I did NOT pick these blossoms off the tree! We found them on the ground!)

Love this close-up!

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Gemma said...

Beautiful pictures. I adore cherry blossom, but it is a shame that they don't last long.