Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visiting Grandma: Part 2 (Birdwatching)

As far back as I can remember, Grandma has always had a birdfeeder right outside her kitchen window. She has a passion for birdwatching and is my resident bird-expert. If I see a bird and don't know what kind it is, I just ask Grandma. When I was at her house on Tuesday, I spotted this beautiful little blue bird outside her window.

Not a Bluebird...just a bird that was blue. It was SO pretty and I'd never seen one before!

Grandma said she thought it was a Blue Bunting. She checked her bird book (that she keeps right by the kitchen window!) and thought that it might be, more specifically, an Indigo Bunting.

Then there were also cardinals...

And a Blue Jay. At times like this I wish I had a fancyschmancy professional camera with a telephoto lens so I could zoom in and get a good clear shot!

There were also house finches and chickadees that were camera shy and would flit away as I was trying to zoom in on them.

Grandma gets the prettiest birds in her backyard. I want to get a new birdfeeder for my house now (I have one now, right outside my dining room window, that looks like a little red barn, but it's all cracked and broken). I only wish my kitchen was set up so that I could look out a window while doing the dishes like at Grandma's house. My sink faces a wall and the window is behind me. Although we are talking about taking that wall out someday to expand and make the kitchen and dining room into one large room, and then I will be able to see the dining room window. But that plan is way in the future for our house renovation plans.

Next post: Part 3 (Stained Glass Window)

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