Sunday, May 22, 2011

Terra's Sister

There is a kitten at the farm right now that looks almost exactly like Terra when she was younger...
That's because she is Terra's younger "sister". The little girl at the farm has named her "Hannah".

One of the little girls at church yesterday actually thought it was Terra and asked me, "Why did you bring your kitty today?" I had to explain to her that it was Terra's "little sister".

Her eyes are a slightly different color (Terra's are more of a yellowish green), and the edges of her ears are darker. And of course, since she's younger (and an outside cat) she is a lot skinnier than Terra is right now.

But, despite being a "barn cat" she is a very friendly little cat. She still has a bit of the typical barn cat skittishness (just the slight noise of my camera turning on or focusing seemed to spook her a bit), but despite that, she is one of the few newer cats at the farm that is most likely to snuggle up next to you and let you pet her! Most of the other cats barely tolerate people to get close to them.

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