Sunday, May 1, 2011

MayDay Underground (April 2011)

So, yesterday was the 2nd annual spring Mayday Underground Art + Craft show. I love doing this show! I did the last one that they had in November and it was my best show ever!

I got a few of pictures of my booth, but not a whole lot of others. It's a busy show and while I'm not talking to customers or trying to finish up some hand-sewing, I was checking out the other artists' booths while my Mom manned my booth.

This is Sarah from Ji Babu. She's a fellow RNESTer. Her son was adorable with this little green sock dog! It has button eyes though, and he's still a little young, so he couldn't have it. But he was just so CUTE! I love how it matched his outfit as well. :)

Here is everything packed up afterwards. One of my friends said we looked like we were on our way to Hogwarts!

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