Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feet Photo #1 (Spring)

I took this picture as I was leaving the luncheon at the Methodist church that I went to with my Grandma on Wednesday. I saw all the pretty pink flower petals on the ground and, inspired by the memory of the "Rejoice" photo that I love that's on Lisa Barker's business card, I took a picture of the ground and my shoes. (of course, it doesn't beat Lisa's photo!)

I'm glad I was wearing cute shoes! I'm liking this idea of taking a series of photos of my shoes/feet. I think it would be cool to do a series of them by season. This one would be spring. I have an image in my head of my bare feet in the grass with dandelions...then my red shoes in the fall with leaves...and then my boots in the snow for winter (although I may need cuter winter boots for that!).

I hope Lisa doesn't mind that I was inspired by her photo and "stole" her idea!

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